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David Brian Harrison Cuzick, lived in Los Angeles, CA with his mother and younger brother until the age of 13, at which point, he decided to spend his high school years in San Diego with his father. From a young age, David was always creating and building things, trying to fly or conquer an ocean. From tree houses, to ramshackle wooden boats built of scrap wood, one of which was too large for the little creek for which it was intended, and air ships powered by lawn mower engines, fueled by nothing more than a child's imagination and determination powerful enough to substitute in the absence of sufficient thrust, to subterranean hideouts dug by him and his mates until chased away by guardians of underground utilities, he was always up to something and dreaming all the while.

At the age of 19, he moved to Pasadena, CA where he attended The Art Center College of Design for photography. Concluding that commercial photography was not his passion, David moved to San Francisco where he took some time to learn to paint and travel in an effort to further shape his creative voice.

After hitchhiking across the USA followed by a backpacking tour through Europe where he became particularly enchanted with the city of Prague and its tradition of puppet theater and animation, a tradition that would leave an indelible impression on him and inform his aesthetic for years to come, he returned to San Francisco to finished college at SFSU with a focus on film and animation. After graduation, David worked in the television industry on a stop motion series called Bump In The Night, which aired on ABC prime time for children's programming. While working on Bump, David also worked with Larry Reed's ShadowLight Productions where he garnered knowledge in the amazing art of shadow puppet theater. After returning to Prague in a brief attempt to live and study there, David returned to San Francisco where he found fulfilling and inspiring work in a sculpture and fabrication house in Oakland, CA for the special effects industry. After nearly ten years in San Francisco, David met Meegan Nolan and the two relocated back to his home town of San Diego to marry and start a family. There, they opened a small art gallery / boutique in the neighborhood of South Park called Magpie where they curated over 40 art shows with established and emerging artists. After the birth of their first child, Sada, the couple knew that it was time to find a way to work from home. In 2007, Circles and Squares, a clothing and art print line, was born. David did all of the screen printing from his garage and much of the business was aimed at the wholesale market. Their second child, Harrison was born that same year.

The line saw further growth when the couple moved to the beautiful Smoky Mountains of Asheville, NC where locals embraced the brand and helped to solidify it as a viable way for the couple to make a living with their art. After divorcing in 2010, David continued the brand with his own designs and, though they were no longer together, David, along with his kids and ex-wife, moved back to San Diego where they live and co-parent in relative harmony until the present day. David credits his two wonderful children, Sada and Harrison, for inspiring much of the imagery and themes that have appeared in his work over the past decade or so.

Today, David continues to grow his clothing and art print line while showing often in galleries, cultivating his fine art vision with new themes and techniques, and more recently, pursuing a path in children's literature. Stay tuned for the adventures of The Boy Who Caught The Moon (albeit by accident), and some mildly evocative figurative art coming soon.